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Women denied access to abortion services are 3 times more likely to fall below the poverty line than women who get the care they need

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We help over 1,200 people each year

This year, we celebrate Lilith Fund’s 14th anniversary. With support from people like you, we have grown from a small group of concerned community activists to an organization with statewide impact serving more than 1,200 clients each year. Thanks to your generosity, we have provided assistance to 9,000 people in need and worked to make reproductive justice a reality in Texas.

Feedback from people we've helped

"I appriciate all that the lilith fund has done to help me. I'm a young single mother of 3 and need time to get self together"

"I can't express how much this helps and how much this means to me in my life. Keep up the great work, Y'all are the best! We (the women) are very grateful for your time and effort. "

"I want to thank the Lilith Fund in helping me pay for my abortion. I felt lost because I already have two kids and am 23. I got pregnant with the IUD and didn't expect the pregnancy. I can now finish my school and continue, thank U."

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